Saturday, 26 May 2012


The following have just been added to the appropriate collections thanks to a kind contributor:
(Thanks to these additions, the Leo Reisman Columbia Collection is now complete while the Leo Reisman Victor Collection is now missing only two sides.)

Leo Reisman (Victor)
Falling Star 1933
Let 'Em Eat Cake 1933
Me For You Forever 1933
Mine 1933
My Temptation 1933
Savage Serenade 1933
Sweet Madness 1933
Thanks 1933
The Whisper Waltz 1933
This Is Romance 1933
We'll Make Hay While The Sun Shines 1933

Leo Reisman (Columbia)

Cheerie Beerie Bee 1927
Lady Of The Nile 1925
Love Me All The Time 1927
Peter Pan 1925
Rose Of The Moonlight 1925
Seminola 1925
Still Waters 1927
That's My Girl 1925
When You And I Were Seventeen 1925

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