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Nick Lucas Collection 1925-1934

Nick Lucas 



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Only 14 Songs Now Needed for a Complete Collection thanks to those who helped me with several more titles.

If you have any of the missing files, please consider uploading the missing songs or email me at and I can upload them on here and update this page. Thank you.


This Nick Lucas Collection includes the following records:

A Cup Of Coffee, A Sandwich And You 1926 Brunswick 3052
All Of Me 1932 Hit Of The Week A-4-B-1
Always 1926 Brunswick 3088-A
Among My Souvenirs 1927 Brunswick 3684-B
An Evening In Caroline 1932 Hit Of The Week B-3-4
A Thousand Goodnights 1934 Banner33061/Perfect 13006-B
Because They All Love You 1925 Brunswick 2803-B
My Blue Heaven 1927 Brunswick 3684-A
Boy! Oh! Boy! I've Got It Bad 1931 Brunswick 6098
Broken Hearted 1927 Brunswick 3602-A
Brown Eyes, Why Are You Blue? 1925 Brunswick 2961-B
By The Light Of The Stars 1925 Brunswick 2906-B
Bye Bye, Blackbird 1926 Brunswick 3184-A
Can't You Read Between The Lines? 1931 Brunswick 6104
Carry Me Back To The Lone Prairie 1934 Banner 33062-A
Chiquita 1928 Brunswick 4016
Don't Tell Her What's Happened To Me 1930 Brunswick 4896
Falling In Love Again 1931 Brunswick 6048
For All We Know 1934 Banner 33124
For Old Time's Sake 1928 Brunswick 3965
Go Home And Tell Your Mother 1930 Brunswick 4900
Goin' Home 1934 Banner 33062-B
Goodnight Ladies 1932 Hit Of The WeekA-4-B-1
Goodnight Sweetheart 1931 Brunswick
Heart O' Mine 1929 Brunswick 4215
Hello! Beautiful 1931 Brunswick 6049
Hello, Bluebird 1926 Brunswick 3370
High, High, High Up In The Hills 1927 Brunswick 3439-B
How About Me? 1929 Brunswick 4156
How Many Times? 1926 Brunswick 3229
I Don't Believe It - But Say It Again 1926 Brunswick 3088-B
I Called To Say Goodnight 1932 Brunswick
I Can't Believe That Your In Love With Me 1927 Brunswick 3614
I Can't Do Without You 1928 Brunswick 3925
I Found Somebody To Love 1925 Brunswick 2990-B
I Might Have Know 1925 Brunswick 2940-B
I Miss A Little Miss (Who Misses Me In Sunny Tennessee) 1930 Brunswick 4987
I Still Love You 1928 Brunswick 3850-B
I Surrender, Dear 1931 Brunswick 6089
Ich Liebe Dich (I Love You) 1929 Brunswick 4464
I'd Love To Call You Sweetheart 1926 Brunswick3369-B
If You Hadn't Gone Away 1925 Brunswick2961-A
I'll Get By (As Long As I Have You) 1929 Brunswick4156
I'll Never Ask For More 1929 Brunswick4171
I'm Dancing With Tears In My Eyes 1930 Brunswick4834
I'm Looking For A Girl Named Mary 1927 Brunswick3466-B
I'm Looking Over A Four-Leaf Clover 1927 Brunswick3439-A
I'm Sure Of Everything But You 1932 Brunswick6459
I'm Tired Of Everything But You 1925 Brunswick2940-A
I'm Waiting For Ships That Never Come In 1928 Brunswick3853
I'm Waiting For Ships That Never Come In 1928Brunswick3968
I'm Yours 1930 Brunswick4960
Isn't She The Sweetest Thing? 1925 Brunswick2906-A
It Must Be Love 1928 Brunswick3925
I've Got A Feeling I'm Falling 1929 Brunswick4302
I've Got The Girl 1926 Brunswick3370
In A Little Spanish Town 1927 Brunswick 3433-A
Just A Little Closer 1930 Brunswick4896
Just Another Kiss 1929 Brunswick 4390
Just Like A Melody Out Of The Sky 1928 Brunswick 3965
Kiss And Make Up 1927 Brunswick 3736-B
Lady Play Your Mandolin 1930 Brunswick6013
Let Me Live And Love You Just For To-Nite 1926 Brunswick3283-B
Let's Get Friendly 1931 Brunswick6098
Looking At The World Through Rose-Colored Glasses 1926 Brunswick 3283-A
Love Thy Neighbor 1934 Banner 33061/Perfect 13006-A
Marcheta 1928 Brunswick 3853
Marcheta 1928 Brunswick 3968
Maybe It's Love 1930 Brunswick4960
Moonbeam! Kiss Her For Me 3-1927 Brunswick 3492-B
Moon Glow 1934 Banner 33124
More Beautiful Than Ever 1932 Brunswick 6459
My Bundle Of Love 1926 Brunswick 3141-A
My Ohio Home 1927 Brunswick 3773
My Song Of The Nile 1929 Brunswick 4464
My Tonia 1928 Brunswick 4141
No Fooling 1926 Brunswick 3141-B
Now You're In My Arms 1931 Brunswick 6104
Old Timer 1929 Brunswick 4215
Painting The Clouds With Sunshine 1929 Brunswick 4418
Precious 1926 Brunswick 3369-A
Pickin' The Guitar (Nick Lucas) 1932 Brunswick 6508
Precious 1926 Brunswick 3369
Put Your Arms Where They Belong 1927 Brunswick 3433-B
Rosy Cheeks 1927 Brunswick 3518-S
Running Between The Raindrops 1931 Brunswick 6049
Side By Side 1927 Brunswick 3512
Say "Hello" To The Folks Back Home 1930 Brunswick 6013
Sing Me A Baby Song 1927 Brunswick 3602-B
Singin' In The Rain 1929 Brunswick 4378
Singing A Song To The Stars 1930 Brunswick 4860
Singing A Song To The Stars 1930 Brunswick 4847
Sleepy Head 1926 Brunswick 3229
Sleepy-Time Girl 1925 Brunswick 2990-A
Smile A Little Bit 1925 Brunswick 3021-A
So Blue 1927 Brunswick 3492-A
Some Rainy Day 1929 Brunswick 4214
Someday, Somewhere (We'll Meet Again) 1928 Brunswick 4016
Somebody Like You 1925 Brunswick 2803-A
Sunshine 1928 Brunswick 3850-A
Sweet Someone 1927 Brunswick 3614
Teasin' The Frets 1932 Brunswick 6508
Telling The Daisies(But It Never Gets Back To Me) 1930 Brunswick 4834
That's My Desire 1931 Brunswick 6147
The Only, Only One (1925) Nick Lucas Brunswick 2846
The Song Has Ended (But The Melody Lingers On) 1927 Brunswick 3736-A
The Song I Love 1928 Brunswick 4141
Three Little Words 1930 Brunswick 4959
Till Tomorrow 1932 Brunswick
Tip-Toe Thru' The Tulips With Me 1929 Brunswick 4418
Underneath The Stars With You 1927 Brunswick 3518-B
Underneath The Weeping Willow 1927 Brunswick 3466-A
Wabash Moon 1931 Brunswick 6089
Walkin' My Baby Back Home 1931 Brunswick 6048
Wasting My Love On You 1930 Brunswick 4959
When I Think of You (1925) Nick Lucas Brunswick 2846
When The Moon Comes Over The Mountain 1931 Brunswick 6147
When The World Is At Rest 1929 Brunswick 4171
When You Were The Blossom Of Buttercup Lane 1931 Brunswick 6045
When You Said "Goodnight" 1928 Brunswick 3966
Where Are You, Dream Girl? 1929 Brunswick 4468
Whose Who Are You? 1925 Brunswick 3052
Without You Sweetheart 1927 Brunswick 3773
When My Dreams Come True 1929 Brunswick 4390
Why Should I Say That I'm Sorry 1927 Brunswick 3512
You Didn't Have To Tell Me(I Knew It All The Time) 1931 Brunswick 6045
You're A Real Sweetheart 1928 Brunswick 3966
You're Driving Me Crazy 1930 Brunswick 4987
(You're Not Asking Me) I'm Telling You 1929 Brunswick 4214
Your Mother And Mine 1929 Brunswick 4378


The following records are missing and needed for a complete collection:

Adorable 1926 Brunswick 3184-B
Because I Love You 1926 Brunswick 3367
Coquette 1929 Brunswick 4302
Forever And Ever With You 1925 Brunswick 3021-B
I Don't Want Your Kisses (If I Can't Have Your Love) 1929 Brunswick 4547
If I Can't Have You 1925 Brunswick 2827-B
I've Named My Pillow After You 1925 Brunswick 2827-A
Keep Sweeping Cobwebs Off The Moon 1927 Brunswick 3749
My Heart Belongs To The Girl 1930 Brunswick 4860/4847
Sweetheart's Holiday 1929 Brunswick 4468
The Kiss Waltz 1930 Brunswick 4900
Together 1927 Brunswick 3749
Until The End 1929 Brunswick 4547
When You're Lonely 1926 Brunswick 3367

If you can provide any of the missing files please consider uploading them on
here so that they can be made available to everyone. Thank you.

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