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(COMPLETE) Roger Wolfe Kahn Collection 1925-1932

Roger Wolfe Kahn 
Collection 1925-1932

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This collection include the following songs:

A Cup Of Coffee, A Sandwich And You 1925 (From "Charlot's Revue")
A Little Birdie Told Me So 1927 (v. Johnny Marvin)
A Little Bungalow 1925 (From "Cocoanuts")
A Room With A View 1928 (From "This Year of Grace")
A Shine On Your Shoes 1932 (Introducing: Louisiana Hayride)
Adorable 1926
All By My Ownsome 1927
Among My Souvenirs 1927
An Old Guitar And An Old Refrain 1927 (v. Franklyn Baur)
Another Night Alone 1932 Columbia 2697-D
Anything You Say 1928
At Peace With The World 1926 (Waltz)
Baby - Fox Trot Lullaby 1926 (From "Castles In The Air")
Bam-Bam-Bammy Shore 1925
Birdie 1926
Calling 1927 (v. Franklyn Baur)
Cheer Up 1930 (Good Times Are Comin')
Clap Yo' Hands 1926
Cooking Breakfast For The One I Love 1930 (From "Be Yourself")
Crazy Rhythm 1928 (From "Here's Howe!")
Cross Your Heart 1926 (From "Queen High")
Dance, Little Lady 1928 (From "This Year of Grace")
Dark Night 1930 (From "In Gay Madrid") Brunswick 4811
Delilah 1927
Do What You Do! 1929
Don't Ever Leave Me 1929 (From "Great Day")
Down And Out Blues 1925
Exactly Like You 1930 ("Lew Leslie's International Revue") (v. Libby Holman)
Fit As A Fiddle 1932
Following You Around 1927
Give Me The Sunshine 1928 (From "Keep Shufflin'")
Great Day 1929 (From "Great Day")
Heigh-Ho, Everybody, Heigh-Ho 1929
Here I Am 1929 (From "Sweet Adeline")
Hot-Hot-Hottentot 1925
I Can't Believe It's True 1932 Columbia 2695-D
I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me 1927
I Never Knew 1925
I'd Climb The Highest Mountain If I Knew I'd Find You 1927
I'm Sitting On Top Of The World 1925
If You're In Love You'll 1927 (Waltz) (From "Rio Rita") )
Imagination (From "Here's Howe!")(v. Franklyn Baur)
Into My Heart 1930 (From "In Gay Madrid") Brunswick 4811
In A Bamboo Garden 1928
It Don't Mean A Thing 1932
Jersey Walk 1926 (Introducing "The Little White House") (From "Honeymoon Lane")
Just A Little Home For The Old Folks 1932
Just The Same 1927
Lantern Of Love 1926 (From "Castles In The Air")
Lazy Day 1932
Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella (On A Rainy Day) 1928
Liza (All The Clouds'll Roll Away) 1929
Lonely Little Bluebird 1928 (From "Our Dancing Daughters")
Look Who's Here 1925
Looking For A Boy 1926 (From "Tip-Toes")
Lucky Boy 1925 (From "Cocoanuts")
Montana Call 1930 (From "Montana Moon")
Mountain Greenery 1926 (From "Garrick Gaieties of 1926")
My Silent Love 1932
On The Sunny Side Of The Street 1930 (From "Lew Leslie's International Revue")
One Summer Night 1927
Pretty Little Thing 1929
Raquel Meller Medley 1926
Russian Lullaby 1927 (Waltz)
Say "Yes" Today 1928
Shady Lady 1928
Sheltered By The Stars, Cradled By The Moon 1932
She's A Great, Great Girl 1928
Somebody's Lonely 1926 (v.Henry Burr)
Sometimes I'm Happy 1927 (From "Hit The Deck") (v.Franklyn Baur)
Song Of The Flame 1926 (From "Song of the Flame")
South Wind 1927
Tell Me Tonight 1926
Tell Me Why You Smile, Mona Lisa 1932 Columbia 2662-D
Tenderly Think Of Me 1926
That's A Good Girl 1926 Victor 20243-B
The Hours I Spent With You 1927 (v.Franklyn Baur)
The Moon Is Low 1930 (From "Montana Moon")
The Tap-Tap 1927
Then You've Never Been Blue 1929
There I Go Dreaming Again 1932
Through! (How Can You Say We're Through?) 1929 Brunswick 4571
Ting-a-Ling, The Bells'll Ring 1926
Tonight You Belong To Me 1926 (v.Franklin Baur)
Twas Not So Long Ago 1929 (From "Sweet Adeline")
We'll Have A Kingdom 1926 (From "The Wild Rose")(v.Johnny Marvin)
When A Woman Loves A Man 1930 (From "Be Yourself")
Where The Wild, Wild Flowers Grow 1927
Why Was I Born ? 1929 (From "Sweet Adeline")
Without A Song 1929 (From "Great Day")
Wouldn't You ? 1926
Yankee Rose 1927
Yearning (Just For You) 1925
You Told Me To Go 1925 (v. Franklyn Baur)
You're A Real Sweetheart 1928
You're The Only One For Me 1929 (From "The Flying Fleet")
You've Got Me In The Palm Of Your Hand 1932


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