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(COMPLETE) The Artist Ensemble Collection 1926-1927

The Artist Ensemble was a Columbia studio salon orchestra much like the Victor Salon Orchestra but with a more popular flair. Only only a handful of recordings were issued.

Salon orchestra music was extremely popular in the late 1920's and early 1930's and was regulary featured on radio programs. These soothing and relaxing arrangements of popular melodies could have been heard everyday on the radio along with dance arrangements and vocal arrangements.

This collection contains the following record sides:

    * AMONG MY SOUVENIRS - Columbia - 1289D
    * BLUE SKIES - Columbia - 962D
    * FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOU - Columbia - 846D
    * MY BLUE HEAVEN - Columbia - 1246D
    * PLAY GYPSIES - DANCE GYPSIES - Columbia - 846D
    * THE SONG IS ENDED - Columbia - 1246D
    * TO-NIGHT YOU BELONG TO ME - Columbia - 962D
    * YESTERDAY - Columbia - 1289D

These can all be downloaded from the Internet Archive at the following URL:

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