Sunday, 16 February 2014

Fred Rich and Updates

The Fred Rich Standard Labels Collection has been added.

The following sides are needed for a complete Fred Rich SL Collection:

DON'T HANG YOUR DREAMS ON A RAINBOW (N.V.) - British Columbia 3613-X
FOUR WALLS - British Columbia 4720
I'D WRITE A SONG (from 'Melody") - Columbia - 2751D
POLLY - British Columbia 4721
SONG OF THE MOONBEAMS (N.V.) - British Columbia 3613-X
WILL O' THE WHISPERS - British Columbia 4786
YOU ARE THE SONG - Columbia - 2751D

Updates have been added to the Gene Austin, Chick Endor and Paul Whiteman (Kraft Music Hall Broadcasts) Collections.

Coming up next will be a Fred Rich Budget Priced (aka Dime Store) Labels Collection.

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