Tuesday, 10 April 2012


The following have just been added to the appropriate collections thanks to a kind contributer:
(Thanks to this addition the "Leonard Joy" and "High Hatters" collections are now complete.)

High Hatters
If I Were Only Sure Of You 1931
The Mug Song 1930

The Southerners
Memories 1930

Leonard Joy Orchestra
I'm Needin' You 1930

Colonial Club Orchestra
The One In The World 1929

The Troubadours
I Could Waltz On Forever 1926
Mine Yesterday, His Today 1931
With All My Heart 1930

International Novelty Orchestra
Cossack Love Song 1925
I Want Somebody To Cheer Me Up 1925
It Must Be Love 1925
No One's Ever Kissed Me 1925
What Do I Care 1925

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