Friday, 23 March 2012


The following have just been added to the appropriate collections thanks to a kind contributer:

The Troubadours
Deep In My Heart, Dear 1925
Serenade 1925
In Shadowland 1925
You Will Forget 1925
When The Clock Is Striking Twelve 1931
How The Time Can Fly 1931

Hilo Hawaiian Orchestra
All Through The Night 1930
On A Little Street In Honolulu 1930

Nat Shilkret
A Little Less Of Moonlight 1931
Moonlight On The Colorado 1930
Thank You Mr Moon 1931
The Moochi 1931
When The Shepherd Leads His Sheep Back Home 1931
Until The End
My Heart Is Bluer Than Your Eyes
Wedding Bells
Judy - Medley
The Whip
Why Should I Say That I'm Sorry
Why Should I Say That I'm Sorry
Dear Eyes That Haunt Me
If I Had A Lover
You Came Along
We'll Have A New Home
Love, All I Want Is Love

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