Monday, 19 March 2012


The following have just been added to the appropriate collections thanks to some kind contributers:
(Thanks to this addition the Donald Novis Collection is now complete.)

Franklyn Baur
I Found You 1926

Maurice Gunsky
Roses For Remembrance 1927
Song Of The Wanderer 1927

Abe Lyman
Music Makes Me 1934
I've Got The Girl 1926

James Melton
There'll Never Be Another Mary 1930
The Sacred Flame 1930

The Troubadours
Baby Feet Go Pitter Patter
Memories Of France

Gene Austin
Blue Sky Avenue 1934
This Side Of Paradise 1930
When The Roll Is Called By The Fireside 1934
Guilty 1931

Kate Smith
Chant of the Jungle 1929
Overnight 1931

Donald Novis
The Rosary 1933

Nick Lucas
Your Mother And Mine 1929

Chester Gaylord
If I Can't Have You 1928
What Do You Say 1928

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